Sustainable umami from circular ingredients

We believe more people would eat plant-based food if it were tastier. We also believe that food systems should be circular and sustainable.

That’s why we created the Nordic Umami Company.

We apply our unique technology to edible side products from the agricultural and food industries. The result: great-tasting 100% plant-based umami – for home or industrial use – made in a carbon-negative system.

A closed-loop system with carbon-negative products

Currently, food products produce 26 % of the global greenhouse emissions.

Unlike meat, fish and dairy, plant-based proteins lack umami. This is why umami matters in accelerating sustainability. It’s truly the vehicle to making plant-based food irresistible.

We create plant-based alternatives for umami that develop both diversity and sustainability. We will not compromise on natural quality. Our umami supports a circular food system and never anything artificial.

Would you like to co-develop excellent plant-based eating experiences?

We're looking for co-developers to build excellent plant-based experiences together with us. Would you like to become our product and services tester?