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The Japanese loanword 旨味 umami means literally ‘good flavour’ or ‘good taste’. Umami taste is the appetitive taste. It spreads across the whole tongue instead of just one tiny part of it and provides a mouthwatering sensation. So it is a taste we all desire. Plant-based proteins lack umami, on contrary to meat, fish and dairy. That is why umami matters in accelerating sustainability; it’s the vehicle to make plant-based food irresistible.

You may have know us before by the name Nordic Umami Company Ltd. Today we are a company called Biomush Ltd.

Our story began with these delicious ready-to-use umami sauces and today we provide all natural umami flavouring solutions for the food industry. Read more.

Umami flavour is not all we do for sustainability.
We think that everything agriculture and grown should end up on people’s plates so that causing emissions is not just waste. We’re building a closed system where everything produced becomes food and uses ingredients and fractions that other food producers can’t refine. This means we’re saving more CO2 emissions than emitting, using circular ingredients and rescuing plant by-products that otherwise would get wasted in the system. Just taste, no more waste.

Meatless Umami Sauce
Soyless Umami Sauce

Where to buy

In Finland you’ll find our products from well-equipped K and S Group’s brand stores. For restaurants and industrial use, please email us. If you are our international friend, you’ll reach us via email