Nordic Umami Company receives €800.000 funding from Business Finland and NextGeneration EU to scale circular umami technology

Nordic Umami Company receives €800.000 funding from Business Finland and NextGeneration EU to scale circular umami technology

Business Finland and the European Union have granted Nordic Umami Company an 800.000 euro funding from the NextGenerationEU instrument through Finland's Sustainable Growth Program to develop our circular umami technology into an industrial-scale pilot.

A new fundraising round is kicked off to boost the umami technology development and scaling even further.


New technology for umami extraction

Nordic Umami Company develops natural food technology to create taste from food industry by-products in a closed-loop system. The core of the technology is umami extraction: we use nature's own processes to release intensified umami from plant-based ingredients.

The technology is a new take on the traditional fermentation processes that create flavours and alter food's chemical and physical structures. The magic behind the process is that it's not performed with machinery but by nature's workers: microbes.

The innovative take on fermentation allows using a wide range of raw materials with different textures and taste features. In this way, multiple kinds of base flavours create umami-rich liquids and solids. The first umami products, such as a vegan meat broth, will be launched in 2022.

The Sustainable Growth Programme for Finland - boosting reforms and investments

The funding received implements the Sustainable Growth Programme for Finland, part of the EU's recovery and Resilience Facility. RRF funding promotes structural renewal in business and industry and the creation of a competitive edge based on Finnish companies' sustainable solutions.

The funding is aimed at pioneering companies making industrial investments or piloting plants to recycle and reuse waste or side streams in Finland.

Click here to learn more about the Business Finland investment aid for recycling and reuse.

Nordic Umami Company kicks off the next funding round

Nordic Umami Company raised pre-seed funding in 2021. Now the company opens a new funding round aiming at raising 2 million euros. As the received NextGenerationEU funding, the subsequent funding will be used for scaling the circular umami technology to industrial-scale production.

We are currently seeking partners to develop and test the technology with new plant-based by-products. Contact us if you want to join our sustainable food system revolution!

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