Nordic Umami Company among the "10 fantastic fast-growing Finnish startups to watch in 2022"

Nordic Umami Company among the
EU-Startups sourced the Finnish startup world to find ten early-stage startups that they think will take off this year, 2022. We are lucky to be nominated!

"We scoured this high-flying hub [Finland] to find early-stage startups that we think are going to take off this year. We narrowed down this list to just 10 (not an easy task!) startups that were all founded after 2019."

"Described as a sustainable foodtech startup, Nordic Umami Company is developing natural umami in a closed-loop ecosystem from circular ingredients. Founded in 2021, the company currently creates Umami products for home cooks, food service and industrial use made of food industry by-products, offering a carbon-negative and closed-loop system. In a move to prevent food insecurity for a global generation, as well as improve the climate impact of the food industry, more sustainable and closed-loop innovations need to take off. Another issue in the food industry is waste – by using by-products in the production stage, Nordic Umami Company is tackling multiple issues at once."

We are very humbled and incredibly proud to be one of the two food industry representatives on the list - in a country of impressive digital startups. Congrats to all other nominated as well!

Read the whole article here.

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