Nordic Umami Company has raised 2.6 million euros to scale its umami technology

Nordic Umami Company has raised 2.6 million euros to scale its umami technology
We have fantastic news: a few weeks ago, we secured 2.6 million euros in a capital raise to scale further our umami extracting technology. We aim to become the leading global supplier of sustainable umami for the food industry.

We had a successful year in 2022 in total. Our fermentation-based technology has two patents pending. We have also launched three commercial products as proof of concept. The Meatless Umami Bouillon, one of the first all-natural and sustainable umami sources, is already used in several industrial food projects. We have also gotten more food service clientele, including some of Finland's best fine-dining restaurants.

Our next steps are to scale the technology into an industrial-sized pilot plant and develop our products and portfolio for the food industry.

To do so, we completed a seed funding round in December 2022, raising 1.8 million euros. The round, led by the Nordic Food Tech VC, brought us four new investors: Heino Group Oy, Holdix Oy Ab, Vaens Oy and Anne Soininen. In addition to these direct investments, we secured an EU & Business Finland Next Generation grant of 0.8 million euros, increasing the total financing to 2.6 million euros.

We look forward to the subsequent phases of building a more sustainable food system. We wish you a prosperous New Year 2023 too!

You can read the press release in English here and in Finnish here.

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