Thank you for the year 2021!

Thank you for the year 2021!

It was only in August that we announced the foundation of the Nordic Umami Company. As the year is coming to its end, it's time to review the past months and where they have taken us in the making of sustainable umami from circular ingredients.

Since finalising the pre-seed funding round in July, we have developed further the idea of a closed-loop food value chain: We have built a pilot factory at the Kera halls; Started to scale up our technology to an industrial volume; Researched more by-products that we can use to create value; And hired new people to our team.

We feel humbled by the attention and support that we've gotten in such a short time. Our CTO, Outi Mäkinen, got invited to talk at two official Slush 2021 side events, the Y Science and the Tonic '21. With our CSO Reetta Kivelä, Outi also visited the Viikki Ständillä podcast to discuss food innovations. You can listen to the episode on Spotify here

The year ended with a pleasant surprise, an extensive article of Nordic Umami Company in the Talouselämä financial magazine. At the same issue, we got nominated as one of the exciting food startups among several already established companies. We could not be happier and proud that our team's hard work has been acknowledged.

What next year brings us is for sure a busy beginning, middle and end, as we're about to launch our first products to the market. We're excited for the opportunity to continue creating natural plant-based alternatives for umami that develop both diversity and sustainability.

Thank you, friends, for following and supporting us this year. We wish you a great New Year 2022! 

Eetu, Outi, Reetta and Tytti-Lotta 

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