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Creating a sustainable food system for the planet

The emission-reduction benefits of shifting to plant-based eating are well documented. Yet many people are still deterred by the taste of plant-based food. Or rather, its lack of taste. Plant-based food is often missing exactly what people crave the most: umami.

This is where we come in.

The Nordic Umami Company has developed a way of using food technology to create great-tasting flavours from agricultural- and food-industry side products. In this way we also tackle another aspect of the food system that we believe needs to be fixed: waste.

Almost 14% of edible food is thrown away before it even reaches the store. This equates to billions of tons of food each year. The Nordic Umami Company creates value from the plant-based portion of this waste by turning it into food products with the savoury flavour that people want. 

We are developing a circular food system that reduces waste and emissions, while also extracting the taste that will attract more people to plant-based eating.

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