Creating a sustainable food system for the planet

The emission-reduction benefits of shifting to plant-based eating are well documented. Yet many people are still deterred by the taste of plant-based food. Or rather, its lack of taste. Plant-based food is often missing exactly what people crave the most: umami.

This is where we come in.

We have developed a natural way of using food technology to create plant-based umami from plant food side products. In this way we also tackle another aspect of the food system that we believe needs to be fixed: wasting edible food.

Delicious and sustainable - you can have both

We create plant-based alternatives for umami, such that develop both diversity and sustainability. And as integrity is one of our key values, we will not compromise on naturality. Our umami is supporting a circular food system and never anything artificial.

Almost 14% of edible food is thrown away before it even reaches the store. This equates to billions of tons of food each year. The Nordic Umami Company creates value from the plant-based portion of this food by turning it into delicious products with the savoury umami flavour that people want. 

We are developing a circular food system that reduces emissions, while also extracting the taste that will attract more people to plant-based eating.

Nature enhancing nature - umami extraction

The core of our technology is umami extraction: we use nature’s own processes to release intensified umami from plant-based ingredients. 

Our technology is a new take on the traditional fermentation processes that create flavours and alter food's chemical and physical structures. The magic behind our process is that it’s not performed with machinery, but by nature’s own workers: microbes. Our technology is based on nature enhancing nature.

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