A closed-loop system with carbon-negative products

Food production currently accounts for 26% of global greenhouse-gas emissions. At the same time, 14% of food never reaches grocery stores and is lost as waste along the way.

We must make the food industry more sustainable in total - by increasing plant-based eating, but also stop wasting. Nutritious ingredients, such as proteins, belongs to people's plates. Saving wholesome food for people and using circular materials for products where they can be used, means better sustainability for the whole system. The upcycling of industry and agricultural side products doesn't only diminish greenhouse-gas emissions of the total industry, but allows better usage of the food produced.

We believe that sustainable food production is possible, but that no single player can develop it alone. Together we need to shift the whole system. The Nordic Umami Company wants to be the accelerator of a closed food-value chain. Our stake in the system is to create carbon-negative umami products by utilising food side products that our partners cannot repurpose or upcycle.

We bring sustainability to the whole food ecosystem by building a closed-loop where people, partners and the planet are benefiting from our technology. We also help to spread value more equally across the food value system, while positively influencing the food industry’s carbon footprint.

We make vegetarian food more approachable and 100% natural, offering circular alternatives to foods that would otherwise be made from new raw ingredients. By developing technology that can convert waste to taste, we help the world to get every last bite out of food production.