Umami extraction with nature's own processes

At the Nordic Umami Company, we’re developing natural food technology to create taste from food industry by-products in a closed-loop system. The core of our technology is umami extraction: we use nature’s own processes to release intensified umami from plant-based ingredients. 

Our technology is a new take on the traditional fermentation processes that create flavours and alter food's chemical and physical structures. The magic behind our process is that it’s not performed with machinery, but by nature’s own workers: microbes. Our technology is baed on nature enhancing nature.

Our innovative take on fermentation allows us to use a wide range of raw materials with different texture and taste features. In this way, multiple kinds of base flavours are used to create umami-rich liquids and solids. Unlike many other technologies, we can use a wide variety of plant-based ingredients in different formats and flavours – both fresh and dried.

Our multi-stage fermentation and innovative NPD  ensure that all side-stream ingredients brought to the Nordic Umami Company’s processing plant end up on the consumer's plate. Thanks to our closed-loop process, nothing more is wasted.